The Payworks Difference

Key Benefits to Payworks 

Payworks provides tailored payroll and workforce management to ensure that your payroll process is accurate and efficient. Payworks is not just designed to manage your company’s payroll, it also has programs in place that allow you to manage Human Resources and Employee Time management.

Payworks is a secure online application that can be accessed 24/7, your database is maintained by Payworks’ servers, which provide daily and weekly backups. Further to this, the Payworks application is very user friendly and is able to grow along with your company. Payworks also offers user-defined fields that allow you to shape the application to your needs, and employee self-service which allows every employee to update their personal information online.

Different levels of security access is provided so that individual users can access the system for their unique needs, yet they can also be restricted to any confidential information.

Payworks has three main aspects:

Payroll Services:


  • Multi-user access with role-based security
  • Multiple pay group and pay frequencies

Multiple Pay Options:

  •  Direct Deposit
  • Cheque

Comprehensive Functionality:

  • User-defined earnings, deductions, and benefits with targets
  • Statutory pay calculator
  • Automatic triggers at key milestones

Compliance and Data retention

  • Automatic federal, provincial tax filing and WCB premiums
  • Records of employment submitted to Service Canada on your behalf

Reporting and Analytics:

  • Standard and fully custom payroll reports
  • Exportable payroll register and journal entry

Human Resources:

Compensation and benefits management:

  • Position History
  • Benefit plan administration

Employee profile management:

  • Skills and certifications
  • Union memberships and grievances

Absence and Performance management:

  • Absence tracking
  • Performance reviews

Reporting and Analytics:

  • Comprehensive library of standard reports
  • User-friendly custom reports builder

Time Management:

Data Input options:

  • Employee self-service web clock
  • Employee self-service time sheet
  • Software time clock
  •  Data entry timesheet

Employee policy and legislative compliance:

  • Preconfigured provincial rules with optional company overrides
  • Statutory holiday pay calculations (including casual employees)

Integrated Scheduling:

  • Scheduling agent o help automate schedule generation
  • Employee availability tracking

Reporting and Analytics:

  • Robust standard reports
  • Extensive ad hoc reporting capabilities 

For a complete range of services, please contact Payworks at:

  • Toll Free: 1-866-788-3500
  • Fax: 1-866-689-4924
  • Email:
  • Website: