How can we help?

"We cater to the little guy!"  Very few advisors work as hard as we do to look after small-business owners. We specialize in employee benefits for companies from 1 - 200 employees

We can help ensure that your staff are happy with their benefit program by providing exceptional service. 

  • 97% of independently owned businesses in Canada are made up of less than 100 staff members.

  •  87% of all small businesses fail by their third anniversary because they are unable to attract and retain talented employees.

  • So how do you attract and retain talented employees? You will need a strong compensation package that includes healthcare, dental care and disability benefits. 

Why are we different? 

  •  We are a brokerage that solicits quotations from Canada's top insurance carriers; this allows us to provide you with the cost effective coverage you are looking for. 

  • We stand apart from our competitors because we are the exclusive advisor for the Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan - currently the largest small group plan in Canada.

  • The Chamber's Plan is a not-for-profit "pooled plan," which means your claims are pooled with thousands of other companies to ensure your rates are protected. 

  • Employees can call us for questions about their plan instead of calling their insurance provider's customer service line. 

  • We walk employees through their forms and claims over the phone

  • We strive to respond to our clients in a timely manner 

  • We provide insight and education into your benefit program 

  • We provide employee education meetings - we review the benefits with your staff members

  • We find programs and benefits for employees with special needs 

  • We have a 97% retention rate over the past 10 years

  • We are consistently awarded for being the top agency in Alberta and Saskatchewan by the Chamber's of Commerce Group Plan