Be Prepared For Your Vacation

One of the most important steps in preparing for your holiday is to review your insurance plan to make sure you have Emergency Medical Travel coverage. 

The Chamber Plan's Voyage Assistance program covers expenses that you may be charged outside of your province of residence in a medical emergency. The Chambers Plan will pay eligible expenses over the amount covered by your provincial health insurance including: 

  • A semi-private hospital room 
  • Medical services and supplies in a hospital 
  • Physicians' services 
  • Prescription drugs 

Voyage assistance confirms your eligibility for coverage and can help you during a medical emergency. it can direct you to a local physician or medical facility, cover payments required by treatment facilities, and cover changes to  your travel plans to ensure you return home. 

The Chambers Plan covers insured employees and their dependents as long as they're also covered by their provincial health care program. Completely disabled employees who qualify for the Waver of Premium under the life insurance benefit are not covered for emergency medical travel.