Best Doctors

Did you know that the Best Doctors program is included at no extra charge with every Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan? 

So what is the Best Doctors program? 

  • It gives your employees access to the top 5% of practicing physicians, allowing them access to the top medical minds in their area 
  • Your employees can confidentially contact Best Doctors to talk to a Registered Nurse who will point the employee in the right direction, leading them on the path to recovery 
  • In 60% of cases, Best Doctors has modified the treatment that a patient should receive 
  • In 27% of cases, Best Doctors has completely changed a diagnosis - providing your employees with the right answers
  • Employers find that the Best Doctors program leads to an increase in employee retention and repositions employee health insurance benefits by offering them more than just financial support

Overall, the Best Doctors program allows your employees to seek the best possible medical care, leading to a happier and healthier lifestyle!