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Why Pooled Plans are Preferred by Small & Medium Sized Businesses




  • The Chamber's Plan is a 'pooled plan' where Health & Dental claims are 'pooled' with thousands of other companies to provide your business with rate stability 
  • The Chamber's Plan is a 'not-for-profit' program. All of the profits stay in the plan to help lower premiums 

Couple Rates

  • We have preferred pricing for: 
    • Married or common law couples 
    • Single parents 

Disability Coverage

  • Coverage can begin from the first day of an accident and the eight day of an illness 
  • Income replacement benefits can continue until age 65


Extended Health Care

  • Prescription Drug Cards 
  • Ambulance Coverage 
  • Paramedical Services including 
    • Massage Therapy 
    • Chiropractic 
    • Physiotherapy 
  • 12 Hours of Counseling 
  • Vision Care 
  • Eye Exams 
  • Emergency Travel insurance

Group Term Life Insurance

  • Select either flat amounts of multiple of salary

Critical Illness

  • A lump sum of $30,000 is paid in the event that you are afflicted with a critical illness as defined in the policy 

Best Doctors

  • Get a second medical opinion from over 50,000 top specialists in North America at no extra cost

Dental Care

  • Cleanings twice per year 
  • X-Rays & Fillings 
  • Major Services 
  • Orthodontics for firms with 10+ employees 

Accidental Death & Dismemberment

  • Doubles the amount of insurance if death is caused by accident and includes loss of coverage


No Business Is too Small

  • Comprehensive benefit packages are available to businesses from one person and up 
  • Home based businesses qualify for coverage 
  • Guaranteed coverage available to not-for-profit firms with 3+ people 

Guaranteed Stability

  • The Group Plan has operated continuously for over 30 years 
  • Your plan is guaranteed renewable regardless of high claims experience 
  • With fair renewals, the Chamber's Plan allows your premiums to remain manageable and predictable