Late Entrants

The Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance plan requires all new full-time staff to serve a three month waiting period before they are eligible for benefits. Once the employee has served the three month waiting period, he/she must complete an employee application within 30 days or he/she will be considered a late entrant. 

Late entrants are required to complete a medical questionnaire that will require approval from the insurance company before benefits can be granted. Even with an approved application, dental benefits for late entrants are limited in the first 12 months of coverage. 

To protect your firm and your employees, we suggest that you complete and submit the enrollment application when a new employee is hired. The Chambers Plan will process the application with the employee's coverage commencing at the end of their waiting period.

Enrollment timing is just as important for insured employees. Changes in marital status, adding dependents, or a spouse losing duplicate coverage must be reported to the Plan within 60 days. If the employee misses this deadline, any request for these changes will need to be medically reviewed and approved by the insurance company.