Generic vs Brand Name Drugs

If your company has chosen a prescription Drug Card health option, you must present your card at the pharmacy at the time of purchase and pay your portion of the expense. 

to ensure that your prescription is covered up to the full cost of a brand name drug, your physician must indicate no substitution on your prescription. If this is not indicated and  you are buying the brand name drug, you may only be reimbursed up to the cost of the drug's generic equivalent. 

if you do not present your Drug Card at the time of purchase, you will not know how much of your prescription will be covered by your insurance. 

It is imperative to present your drug card at the time of purchase.

If your plan uses a Deferred Payment Option, you must pay the full cost of your prescription and you will be reimbursed after 30 days or $50 worth of claims, whichever comes first.